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8 Tricks To Increase Pageviews Of Your Blog by 145%

Pageviews are very important to measure the popularity of a website. With the pageviews, you can easily measure the number of people visiting your website on any particular day. For blogger, pageviews vs bounce rate is a matter of concern and this is the only measure for finding website hits of a particular blog.

Content is the only way people seem to get attracted to a website or blog. The content should be 100% unique and filled with quality and possess the authority as well as newsworthiness to make it popular among its target. To know how your user reacts to the pages you create, you need to know what makes your user engaged and how they react or relate to a particular website.

With WordPress, you can manage your content easily and efficiently. But, more than just managing, you need to work towards creating and promoting content that seems beneficial to your user. You will need to work towards increasing the pageviews. Here are a few tricks that might help increase pageviews for your blog. Apply these tricks and make sure your content reaches out to your target and they become your regular visitors.

How to increase pageviews ?

 Website Promotion by Interlining Posts

This will increase pageviews by atleast 40%

If you have been working on your blog for a while now, you would have created quite a number of posts by now. It’s time to promote them to your viewers. Let’s say you got your viewer to visit a particular post. How about increasing the pageview by getting them to view other posts as well? You can do this by interlinking the blog posts. This way chances of the posts getting clicks increase. Interlinking posts is easy with the help of widgets and other plugins available with WordPress. You can even link them manually. You just need to have good choice of keywords that will allure the people to click on the link.

Related Posts at End

This will increase pageviews by 25%

At the end of every article that you have posted on your blog, make sure you mention articles that are somehow related to this particular article. This would increase the pageviews on the blog. Normally people, after reading the particular post, try to read other interesting posts that are present on the blog. You just need to work on the interest creation part to get your pageviews.

We recommend  these related post plugins for WordPress blogs:


Contextual Related posts


Jetpack by


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)


nRealte Related Content

Split the Long Post to increase pageviews

This increases pageviews by 15%

Nobody likes reading a long post. They normally lose interest after a while. If they see a very long post on your blog, they might bounce back. In order to increase the pageview, you will need to split that long post into multiple posts. This would not only build interest but also improve the pageview for your blog. The multiple posts would hold the reader’s attention and would also be able to cover the topics with ease. Use this code snippet to split the long posts: <!–nextpage–>. See how we increased our page views on these posts with this simple trick. Example1, Example2, Example3.

Excerpts on Front Page

This increases CTR by 10% thus increasing pageviews 

When introducing your blog, never introduce it with full posts. That will not be able to increase the pageview. Instead play on the curiosity of your visitor. Get them to view an excerpt of the post. This excerpt should make them want to read more. This curiosity will get them to visit the posts and read on, and would in turn increase the pageviews of your website. The idea of introduction should be giving them a good experience with just a gist of your blog and allowing them to explore further. With excerpts, you tend to improve your loading speed too, which works towards making your blog popular.

Incredible Sidebars

Increases CTR by 10% thus increases pageviews

Sidebars are often neglected when designing a blog site. Make sure you don’t make that mistake. Sidebars effectively show the recent posts and the posts that have gained popularity in the recent times. If you want people to read and visit various pages on your blog, the sidebar should be efficiently loaded on the website. The amount of attention this sidebar gains is equivalent to the popularity you will get in the long run.

Leave Out Popups

Increases pageviews by 10%

We all understand how much you love having popups to increase the advertising space of your blog. But, the readers on your blog might get affected by the popups and will leave your blog space immediately. Keep the popups, both ad and subscription related, to a minimum. This way you will not bug your viewers and maximize the pageviews for your blog.

Allow Users to Explore

This uncommon yet effective method increases pageviews by 15%

Link a random post to a particular URL on your blog. This random post allows your user to explore and thus improves the pageviews for your blog. This might seem absurd to you, but it really works. Try linking some random posts that you feel will work with the target audience.

Dedicated Hosting Servers

Increases pageviews by 20%

Speed and performance of the website are the main reasons for increasing popularity. The same goes for a blog too. So, make sure you host your blog site with a reliable and credible host. This way your users will never face security or crash problems and the surfing will be absolutely normal. A dedicated hosting servers results in greater number of pageviews.

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