Collection Of Stunning Digital Circlism Art By Ben Heine

Digital Circlism is an art of photography discovered by Ben Heine in 2010. It can be termed as one of the newest form of art. This art is an integration of Pop Art and Pointillism according to Ben. Ben uses digital tools to create unique and awesome digital circlism. Most of the time he makes portraits of celebrities like Johny Depp, Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs and few more including Jesus Christ. Below I have included all the portraits he created till date. He used colourful circles in a black background to create the master pieces. Almost all the circles are of different color. Ok no more boring talks. Here I present a beautiful collection of Digital Circlism art by Ben Heine

Digital Circlism Art – By Ben Heine

Steve Jobs

Ben Heine remembered Steve Jobs through Digital Circlism

Steve-Jobs by ben heine

She Is My Mona Lisa

Ben Heine’s Mona Lisa!

She-is-My-Mona-Lisa by ben heine

Self Portrait #1

Ben Heine through his eyes, part 1


Self Portrait #2

Ben Heine through his eyes, part 2


Marylin Monoroe

Ben Heine’s Digital Circlism made beautiful Marylin Monoroe more beautiful


Johny Depp

Johny Depp in his one of the most popular avatar through the eyes of Ben Heine

Mad-Hatter---Johnny-Depp by ben heine


Leopard by Ben Heine


Lady Gaga

He made her look more beautiful through this form of art


Julian Assange

Look carefully what he used in this picture instead of circles.


Jesus Christ

The all mighty through Ben Heine’s  eyes

Jesus by ben heine

Fredy Mercury

Fredy Mercury remembered.. by Ben Heine



Look the 3d effect the art developed.


Bob Marley

3d effect developed in this picture too


Elvis Presely

The red eye gives more life to the art


Blind And Happy

Look the amazing concentric circles used in the image along with normal circles, white color is used more in this art


Give Me Colors



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  1. Interesting art works, I’m amazed. Is there any links to this person at all and or if he does any commissions?

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