Simplifying Business Operations through Data Streaming Analytics

Why Data Streaming Analytics Is the Best Way to Streamline Business Operations

The oldest rule in the business world is that time is money. This is probably why automation and optimization are the two things that enterprises of all sizes are focused on right now. There has never been a more exciting time in terms of having the ability to make real-time business decisions and adjustments. One of the biggest challenges enterprises face today is how to manage the massive amounts of big data that can be acquired every day. Knowing how to store and categorize this data is important because treating it improperly could cause an enterprise to miss out on extracting its full value. The value in good data is that it can help an enterprise streamline its operations. The bottom line is that good data leads to good decisions.

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How Data Streaming Saves Time and Resources

The beauty of big data and streaming analytics is that enterprises no longer have to devote a lot of time to sifting through data to find gems. Today’s data analytics programs are capable of processing and evaluating each piece of data the moment it is acquired. One of the biggest savers of time is data cleansing. Inaccurate or irrelevant information can cost enterprises large amounts of wasted time, wasted resources and frustration. Data cleansing is able to remove information that is incorrect, incomplete or duplicated instantly.

In addition, streaming data analytics can give an enterprise an edge when it comes to crafting an experience for users. Enterprises no longer have to offer a generic face to customers or clients. Data streaming analytics make it possible to create automatic responses and real-time adjustments based on user behavior. Real-time analysis on how campaigns are performing can ensure that precious marketing dollars aren’t being wasted on tactics that don’t provide any return on investment.

Internal data can also provide important insights into an enterprise’s efficiency and security. The primary way it does this is by creating clear measurements of security levels. IT security officers can use the constant streaming flow of internal data to measure typical network behaviors against unusual patterns. Real-time data analysis and alerts are crucial to the security of an internal network because criminals are working around the clock to breach vulnerable networks. An IT security officer simply can’t risk finding out about a potential breach a day after the fact. The only chance an enterprise has of avoiding a costly breach is learning about it as its happening.

Why Enterprises Need Data Streaming Analytics Today

Enterprises don’t really have the luxury of relying on delayed data when making decisions. And while companies might find themselves at a loss when it comes to the management of big data, the good news is that an enterprise can use a firm that specializes in big data processing and analytics to do the heavy lifting when it comes to designing and implementing a solid, efficient plan. DataTorrent is able to customize data strategies for enterprises of all sizes in a variety of industries. Bringing data streaming analytics into the picture is something that every enterprise needs to do, either to create a better customer-focused experience, crafting more successful marketing campaigns, or improving IT security.

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