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Security Is a Big Concern for New Companies. Is Your Company Safe from Potential Threats?

4-myths-about-network-security Many people mistakenly believe that a good idea is all they need to start a busi ness. The reality is that coming up with a good idea is just the first step in a long process on the road to success. IT security needs to be a priority for you if you’re in the business of bringing software or apps to market. You may think that being a small enterprise keeps you under the radar and therefor safe as you launch a new product. However, the truth is that no new company is immune from the savvy and relentless hackers that launch attacks. It can be difficult to handle digital security if you simply don’t have the manpower or infrastructure to do so yet. This is why it is so important to seek the help of a third-party firm to handle your company’s network and web application security. Having a secure software development life-cycle (SSDLC) needs to be an integral part of releasing any new mobile, web, or SaaS app. The reality is that you have a lot to lose if you ignore this aspect of launching a business.

What You Have to Lose From Relaxed Network Security

Failing to cover all the bases when it comes to network security can destroy your business before it even gets off the ground. All it takes is one hack or security breach to make clients and the general public wary about your brand. There are a number of things on the line when it comes to what hackers can do once they breach your network. Customer payment information is something that hackers routinely try to steal. It is so important to make sure that you aren’t leaving sensitive financial information vulnerable. In addition, hackers may target employee information or private company data. These details can be used by criminals to try to solicit money from employees or ruin a company by posting their trade secrets.

The Solution for New Companies


The fact that data breaches are already up 15 percent from this time last year can seem like an overwhelming challenge for anyone starting a business that touches the digital world. One of the best things a person can do when starting a new company is to make network security a top priority from the first day. Starting strong by protecting your digital assets will help you avoid the setbacks that come with network breaches. The goal is to prevent a breach instead of worrying about how to clean one up once it happens. The best network security resource available to businesses today is a service called penetration testing. This is a dynamic approach to security because it essentially involves hiring a reputable third-party IT firm to conduct a controlled hack of your system. Penetrating testing is effective because it is realistic and based on real-world scenarios. The engineers from the IT firm will spend time strategizing and trying to find and manipulate every vulnerability in the same way real hackers would. Being able to see how far an experienced engineer can get into your system will allow you to formulate a plan for keeping all of your information safe. Most penetration testing companies also offer comprehensive IT security coverage that may include employee training for best practices in security – not only when accessing data through servers and networks, but also when interacting with individuals that might attempt to access information in other ways. Training is important because having a team that is educated on how to keep data safe is the first line of defense against breaches that come in the form of phishing scams. The bottom line is that you can’t feel confident on launch day unless you’ve worked with a firm that can thoroughly test your digital assets for vulnerability. Contacting a company that offers web application security should be part of any business plan.

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