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[2016] 15 Online HTML5 and CSS Code Editors (Free)

If you wish to access your code from absolutely anywhere as well as writing it then you should opt for web-based code editors which are really helpful where sharing your code with the general public is concerned; it will also allow you to demo your project and do collaborative editing with other developers as well.
neFrom doing a number of actions such as real-time preview, online debugging, code casting or collaborative editing there is a whole lot that can allow you to do Web Development within your browser.
HTML 5 and CSS 3 Online Code editors for free. Many professional web developers I know have recommended most of these editors online.

#1. CodePen

A really great online source code editor would be CodePen. CodePen offers not just support for HTML, CSS or JavaScript but it also has a lot of support for preprocessors such as Less, SCSS, Sass and Stylus as well as CoffeeScript and TypeScript. Babel is also supported by CodePen for Javascript. CodePen also has an entire community of front-end developers who will allow you to find demos and examples that have been built by other developers. You can also explore the popular section and the picks that are there on CodePen so that you could gain more inspiration besides learning more new things that there are present in front-end web development. CodePen also has plenty of job boards that will allow you to discover both development jobs as well as front end design.
As an online source code editor, Code Pen also offer you Collab Mode which would allow you to pair up programs in real time and Professor Mode which would permit groups of students who could follow you even as you chat with one another and teach code.

#2. JS Fiddle

Next in line is JS Fiddle. JS Fiddle is one of those online and popular editors for HTML, CSS as well as Javascript. JS Fiddle has been ever present and it has been many editors pick. JS Fiddle is very easy to use as an online code editor C++ and it allows free collaborative editing which includes voice chat and text to take place. You don’t even have to sign up to use JS Fiddle’s collaboration feature. JSFiddle also supports SCSS and CoffeeScript. Sharing or embedding your code demo is also quite easy with JSFiddle.

#3. Liveweave

Yet another spectacular online code editor python would be Liveweave; Liveweave works as an online HTML5, CSSS3 as well as a Javascript editor with real time. Liveweave has sensitive built in context coding for CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and JavaScript and Liveweave allows you to download your own project as a zip file which would really come in handy. You will find that with Liveweave it is usually very easy to add external libraries such as AngularJS, jQuery or Bootstrap to your projects. Liveweave also offers you a ruler that can aid you where responsive web design is concerned. Liveweave also usually offers Team Up feature that has features similar to the JS Fiddle collaborative editing.

#4. Plunker

Plunkr html code editor
Plunker is a php Online code editor that also serves as an online community like CodePen. Plunker allows you to collaborate, create as well as share your web development ideas fully with everyone else. Plunker is a fully open source code editor that works under the MIT license. Plunker’s source code is also one that could be found on GitHub. Plunker allows you to be able to add multiple files to your workspace besides being able to work on community generated templates which can be used to kick start any of your projects.

#5. JS Bin

JS Bin is one of those online source code editors that work in a highly collaborative JavaScript debugging environment. JS Bin includes support for any number of pre processors be it Less, SCSS or CoffeeScript or Jade. JS Bin also has a console that can help you inspect and debug consoles such as the ones in either Firefox or Chrome. JS Bin also supports codecasting which would allow you to record your coding session and which could be cast out to many participants. Furthermore, JS Bin also supports codecasting which may take place out of the box and it is usually free both registered and anonymous users. JS Bin simply needs you to share your demo’s url with/watch instead of/edit. JSBin is one of those online html code editors which include a highly collaborative Javascript Debugging app. You can really contribute to the development of JSBin if you decide to create an account on GitHub. JSBin also has many features such as SSL embeds, custom embed CSS and editor settings as well as private bins and sandbox mode. There is also dropbox, vanity URLs and asset hosting that is all involved with JSBin and which makes it a great online code editor to work with.

#6. CSS Deck

html 5 editor css editor online free

CSS Deck is a tool that is quite simple as compared to other php online code editors and it offers the feature of comments that are quite apart from many of the basic features. You can also share and embed your demo with CSS Deck.

#7. KodTest

Kodtest is yet another php online code editor that should definitely come in handy when you want to check out the results of your code in various screen sizes. Kodtest allows you to very quickly switch between numerous multiple pre-configures screen sizes.

#8. Dabblet

Dabblet is a PHP online code editor that has a really interactive CSS playground as well as code sharing tool that was originally developed by Lea Verou. Dabblet can be saved to Github gist and it also offers many conveniences for CSS editing in general.

#9. Thimble, by Mozilla

html 5 open source editor

Thimble by Mozilla, is one of the best online code editor java out there. It is a WIDE that will allow you to create your very own web pages besides being able to edit and write CSS and HMTL right there in your browser. Furthermore, Thimble will allow you to instantly preview your work as well as hosting and sharing the finished pages with an instant click.

#10. Cloud9

html 5 and css 3 editor online
Cloud9 is one of those online HTML code editors which are highly powerful and flexible. Cloud9 is the perfect cloudeIDE for writing, running AND debugging your code. You can keep your workspaces private or even collaborate on them as you may desire, with Cloud9. Cloud Nine also allows you to have powerful workspaces that mean that you can set up your overall system without any hassle. You simply have to pick the configuration and develop the app of your choice. You will no longer have to spend any valuable time on developing either the setup and maintenance. Instead you can build, create and run development stacks in split seconds as well as maintaining and controlling it all at once.

#11. Code Mirror

html 5 and css editor online free codemirror

CodeMirror is a php online code editor that also serves as Javascript component that provides a code editor right there in the browser. If a mode is available for the language in which you are coding in , then this will definitely help in the coloring of your code as well as providing optional help with indentation. Codemirror has some certain very awe inspiring and powerful features which you should not miss out on. These include a powerful and very composable langauge mode system, an autocompletion XML, Configurable keybindings, Vim, Emacs, and sublime text bindings as well as a search and replace interface and a bracket and tag matching. You will also have support for split views, mixing font sizes and styles should not be an issue with Codemirror and you can also do linter integration, work with various themes and opt for code folding and resize it to fit content. You can also block widgets, select programmable gutters, make ranges of text, styled, read only or even atomic or work with bi-directional text support etc. Codemirror is also an editor that has been used and dev tools such as Firefox or Chrome, Adobe Bracelets, Bitbucket and a ton of other projects.Codemirror also allows development and bug tracking to take place on GitHub and you can use pull requests to submit patches if that is what you require. Discussion around Codemirror is also done on a discussion forum and yje code mirror announces list which can be used for major announcements. You can also contact the maintainer directly, as Codemirror strives to be a welcoming and an inclusive community. There is even a code of conduct that you can check out to verify this.

#12. eXo Cloud IDE

Exo Cloud IDE is an online code editor collaborative that has hosted development, is multi-tenant and has an overall environment that would enable social coding; this would be the collaborative development of gadgets, applications AND mashups all in one go which can also be directly deployed to a PaaS. .

#13. CodeRun

CodeRun Studio is an online source code editor that serves as a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which was designed for the cloud. CodeRun will allow you to easily debug, develop as well as deploy web applications in a highly expert manner using your browser.

#14. Lynda

lynda html 5 editor and css editor online

Yet another online HTML code editor would be Lynda that works as an online integrated development environment for programming languages that can be as complex as C++, Ruby, Java, C#, Visual Basic and C to name a few.

#15. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere is a really superb online HTML code editor that works with an integrated FTP client as well as all popular web formats that are usually supported by HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and XML. CodeAnywhere will allow you to everything that you want in a manner that is fast and with absolutely no hassle; you will not have to install anything and CodeAnywhere will let you code from absolutely anyplace without your needing to bring anything along with you. All you will have to do is to log on to codeanywhere with the help of any smartphone or computer and without needing any servers as well such as SFTP, FTP or Dropbox. Everything will simply be waiting for you to work on it- even the files that you had opened before. Codeanywhere is the ultimate tool for web workers who are constantly busy and what is best of all is that Codeanywhere is really fast AND lightweight which means that you can focus on simply working rather than having to open a browser. Codeanywhere is also compatible with all major browsers which means that you can work from the ones you like and download the native mobile applications such as Ios and Android as well. Codeanywhere will in fact , solve all of your coding needs absolutely anywhere and from any platform.
It’s the ultimate tool for web workers on the move. Best of all, it is lightweight and fast, so you can concentrate on working, not on the fact that you working from a browser. Codeanywhere will also allow you to edit code online which means that you can develop and maintain your websites and applications on almost any mobile device and browser with all the comfort that you would be used to and would need with major desktop editors which also provides you with the advantage that you could work anywhere be it a hotel, or internet café etc. Code Anywhere has a host of other features which would include code folding, word wrap, SFTP client, dropbox support, syntax highlight and much more . With CodeAnywhere you can also work in a familiar environment as well as use mobile devices which mean that you could work with Codeanywhere on Android phones, Jos and even on a BB Playbook.

#16. Kodingen

html and css editor koding
Kodingen is one of those online code editors that also serve as an Online Development Environment which would include Code Editor, Database Administration, Web-based access and Cloud Hosting.

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