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10 Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Web Host

Establishment of a business is vital for a perfect growth, while foundation of an online business depends on the hosting services. Since, an online presence has become a must for all types of businesses, thus the choice of the best web hosting company is also crucial. Among many web hosting companies present today, making a choice of the best host depends on various factors listed below. You must read our in in depth beginner’s guide to web hosting. This article will be enough to teach you every small details regarding web hosting. The below article can be read as the part 2 of the GUIDE. Read below to learn more.

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#1: Space & Scalability

The basic service that a web hosting company provides is a space on the web for hosting different websites. The availability of the amount of space and bandwidth according to a hosting plan is a vital point to be considered. Web hosting companies like HostgatorWebhostingbuzz and Roboshift do a good job at providing unlimited bandwidth, as websites/companies expand and grow in the future.

#2: Speed


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After hosting a website, the prime feature that binds a user to the website is the speed at which its web pages load. A website should load within seconds or the visitor will move away from the website. So, before buying a plan, ensure that the hosting company uses a high-speed connection to allow your website to show up faster.

#3: Security

Faster loading is an essential feature, but it is useless if your website isn’t secure. A fast website might attract a lot of visitors, but the lack of security features will force most of them to leave the site. So, the host must have plans that offer high security for the personal, financial and private data transferred while access to the site by using secure servers like SSL and others. There is a great video on Youtube that explains SSL that you should check out.

#4: Reliability

A reliable company is the best choice to be dealt with for a long time. This can be measured from their experience, uptime percentage, backup & retrieval of data and other features. A non reliable company may pose threat to your business by providing unstable services.

#5: Technical Support

Technical Support

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The demand of technical support for the customers or clients of a company is in high skies these days. This facilitates the clients of the company to get quick resolutions for any technical issue encountered, while accessing the service. The company should provide a high quality and convenient support service to solve customers’ queries, available round the clock.

#6: Control Panel

Although a web hosting company is available to assist you in all aspects, but it isn’t always feasible to contact the host. So, the provider must offer a control panel for you to modify or update your website on your own. The panel must offer an easy interface to the website owner.

#7: Email Capabilities

Every business needs dedicated email addresses to be used for different business activities. Thus, before selecting a web hosting company, you must check with the availability of email addresses, amount and ability for aliases use and auto responding ability. File size restrictions are also vital to be considered for receiving and sending files.

#8: Add-on Features

The need of online presence for a business and the use of internet services or a website for other purposes has gradually increased. This increasing requirement of websites has led to an increase of the number of web hosts tightening the competition levels. So, to attract more customers, many companies offer various additional features. You must look for a company offering the best services including both the basic and add-on features.

#9: Cost of Service

Cost of Services

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A proficient web hosting company provides almost all the features listed above. You are likely to find more than one company offering such services, from which you can make a better choice by considering the cost of the services provided by them. Make a list of all the required services and note down the total cost of services offered by different companies to select the most affordable option.

#10: Reports

Server logs and reports containing data of activities carried on a website is vital for an efficient growth of a business. Access to such reports must be included within the hosting plan for your company. These reports assist you in implementing SEO activities to improve the impact of your online business.


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