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How to Add Blur Effect to Photo with Movavi Photo Focus

Blur Effect to Photo with Movavi

Movavi Photo Focus is a photo blur editor that allows you to add blur effect onto the photo so that the main subject will stand out on a soft background. Most people don’t pay attention to the blurred background so adding blurred effect is an effective method to bringing out a single detail in the photo. By adding blurred effect, the viewers’ eye will automatically shift to the focused area and not look at the blurred area. Blurred effect can make the photo look more professional.

Conventionally, blur effect on photo is achieved by adjusting the settings of your digital camera. If your camera do not have this effect, it is still possible to add the blurry effect onto the photo with the photo editor software. You can add blurry background effect if the background of your photo look busy. First, you must download Movavi Photo Focus software and run the setup. When Movavi Photo Focus is installed, you must launch the software and go to the Focus tab.

In the Focus tab, you must first click on the Focus tab to go to the photo blur editor. You must click on the first button under Selective focus to bring up the focus circle on the photo. You can use your mouse cursor to drag the inner circle inward or outward to show what area you want to focus.  After that you can adjust the settings in the blurred area and focused area by sliding the sliders to the left or right.

Under Blurred Area, you can determine how blur you want the area outside the selective focus to be.  You can adjust the vignette slider to add a blurred vignette effect onto the photo.

There are other parameters like saturation, contrast and highlights under Blurred Area that you can play around to see what kind of effect it achieves on the photo.


If the original photo quality is blur, you can toggle the sharpness slider to the right to remove the blurred parts in the selected area so that it looks clearer.  When you are done, you must first click the apply button to apply the changes before clicking the export button to save it.


Movavi Photo Focus also allow you to add a miniature effect onto the photo with the tilt shift blur filter. It offers the same miniature effect that you achieve with a shallow setting on your camera. You can use the brush tool to making certain details in the photo stand out. For example, if you want to increase the details of a flower petal, you can click the brush button and paint over it.


Movavi Photo Focus also incorporate a rotate tool for rotating a photo left/right or up/down. The leveling tool to rectify the angle of a crooked photo. The crop tool allows you to crop a certain part of the photo by adjusting the rectangle frame. It includes a photo resizing tool useful for scaling the photo to increase or reduce the size.

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