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Google Reader Alternatives To Check Out In 2013

If you are worried about the fact that Google has announced the retirement of Google Reader on July 1, 2013 then I must assure you there is hardly anything to worry about because there are many Google Reader alternatives for you to choose from. You can export your RSS subscription and feed groups in the widely accepted OPML format which allows you to include your feeds and share your items, friends, likes and starred items too. For exporting your data from Reader just follow these few steps. First click on the Cog button then go to Reader Setting > Import/Export. Don’t forget to create a back up too. Now you can easily pick up one of the RSS reader replacements from the following list below.

5 Best Google Reader Alternatives in 2013

1. Netvibes netvibes

No doubt that Google Reader has always been the favorite among most of the people but many of them has a secret crush on Netvibes too. It’s just because Netvibes is almost similar to Reader and once you come out from the default widgets mode you will experience that Netvibes has lot more functionality than Reader which makes it more attractive. Though some of them cost money but it’s definitely worth paying for.

Now if you want to import your content from Reader to Netvibes it is simply just a couple of clicks away. Just click on “Add content” and then “Import”.

2. Feedly


Feedly can also be another solution for your Reader alternative. Feedly takes your feeds and make them into a magazine type view. The best part of Feedly is its sharing features and integration with social networks. You can directly log into Feedly today and it will automatically have all your Readers feed ready to go in an instant. But as Feedly uses Google Reader as its backend so it can’t be said whether Google will break the functionality of such third party app like Feedly when it integrate with Google+. That is one thing to worry about Feedly.

3. NewsBlur


Though it is a new kid on the block but by no means you can say it is the weakest. NewsBlur is a fast paced, slick and intelligent RSS reader. One thing that makes it unique is that it combines RSS feeds and headers with actual websites. You can simply import your feeds from Google Reader to NewsBlur with a single click or you can import OPML files too.

4. Feedamail


Feedamail is another fantastic RSS feed delivery system. You just need to subscribe for getting updates. The advantage of using Feedamail is that the updates directly come in your inbox so you can have easy access to it. No registration is required for Feedamail which is another added advantage.

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