7 of the Best Freelance Jobs for College Students

We all are in the constant need of money or at least bigger income. This resource may help you understand your needs and abilities better. If you are a student you find yourself in a conflicting situation. On one hand, you have a lot of  free time. On the other, most of the time, you study and can not work full time in order to cover your studying or leisure expenses. If you are thinking about your first job ever, there are some things to consider beforehand. Of course, best jobs for college students are those with flexible hours. Let us minimize a wide range of your freelance opportunities and discuss top 7 jobs which can help you earn cash.


  1. Tutor

This one is the most common. Many students continue their work as tutors since their studying in high school. However, a lot of students avoid tutoring because of falsely believing that they can not teach anyone. Nonetheless, being a tutor has a lot of advantages.

  • You can select your students and set your payment per hour all by yourself
  • When teaching, you begin to understand a matter better which can have a positive result on your college grades
  • You can choose online (via skype or creating your own youtube tutorial channel) or home tutoring


It is an internet era we live, so you need at least to try to make money online. You have many options but we will only focus on some of them.


  1. Blogger/research writer


You can choose any topic you like if it is your personal blog you are writing for. If you choose to be a content writer, take into consideration that you will have a restricted range of topics and most likely the copyright will not belong to you. There are a lot of  assignment services  which were created in order to help students like yourself with their studies. These services are very popular nowadays and you have probably used one of them.


  1. Content writer/marketer

This work will overlap with your everyday habits as you most definitely use at least one of the various social media available. You will have to post, edit and update everything your employer requires to the company’s web page, social accounts, etc.


  1. Video games/applications tester

If you like playing video games, this one is a golden mine. You do what you like best and get paid. Isn’t that great? Isn’t it the best of the home based jobs ever? A lot of companies are willing to pay good money in order to get their product tested before it sets off to the wide market.


  1. Web developer

In order to become a web developer, you will have to have basic knowledge of the most common technologies for web pages and web applications.

You can start your work as an assistant of an experienced developer and get the best hacks for your code. And as your experience grows so will your payments.


  1. Freelance photographer


This one will require a good quality camera. You can choose from working for magazines, blogs, any other type of media. You can also get orders to take pictures of different events and celebrations, like weddings, birthdays, various parties and so on. Being an assistant of a much more experienced photographer will be a huge plus for your professional development. You will be able to set up your portfolio very soon. And with the great portfolio, great offers will most certainly come.


  1. Tourist guide

You know your hometown in and out? You can show visitors a variety of the culture and spirit your hometown has to offer. You can guide tourists to the most secret and amazing places which are usually hidden from touristic tracks. You can provide an exclusive image of your town and promote it for foreigners to enjoy.

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