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10 Most Used Free Word Cloud Generators Online for Academicians

Word cloud generators have become very popular online tools in today’s world. Word Cloud makers can help you map data, they can also help you map up words and tags in a manner that can be simultaneously engaging and visual. Word cloud generators often come with various features and fonts that also have varying shapes, editing capabilities and words.

Such online tools often hacve both pros and cons and many of them can work faster than others. You should even be able to find a cloud generator that is both free word and wonderful at once. Good research is recommended by us before you choose the best one that can satisfy all of your needs.
A word cloud generator is a new and highly modernistic way of visualizing the tags or keywords from pieces of writing such as educational texts or blog posts. The more frequently a word appears in the text, the better the chances are of the word cloud generator working.

word cloud generator free online

Word cloud shapes

Word Cloud maker can be used for a variety of purposes; be it eye-catching images, presentations, or maybe even as a cover photo on social media. Word cloud generators can also be used for educational purposes and some organizations now have word clouds printed and displayed in huge format. It has also become common now to see word clouds being printed on promotional items such as bags, mugs and even shirts etc.

Below are our top picks for word cloud generators & makers for Mac and Windows that we think you should DEFINITELY check out:


Wordle is basically a cloud generator for Mac that creates word clouds from text that you can choose to provide. These clouds will give even greater prominence to words that may appear more frequently in the source text than others.e is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. Clouds can be tweaked using various fonts, color schemes and layouts all at once. The images that you decide to create with Wordle can be used in any which way you may prefer. You could also save them or print them out on your own desktop as you may desire.


word cloud generator 2

Tagxedo is a word cloud builder that is at once both fun and effective.
Making word cloud is a whole lot of fun and with Tagxedo you can make word clouds in real time, you can also customize font, color, theme, orientation and shape to your heart’s desire. You can also fine-tune tune them with a whole lot color besides being able to save images that can be both saved and printed simultaneously.

You can also view word clouds with Tagxedo as thumbnails beside being able to pick the one that you especially want for either tweaking or saving. You can also choose from any of the standard fonts in front of you and also use custom fonts which can be downloaded from DaFont, FontSpace or even Font Squirrel or even utilize your very own hand drawn fonts. Tagxedo will also allow you to the ability to constrain the word cloud to selected shapes such as star, heart, animals etc. You can also utilize images as custom shapes for instance animal silhouettes or even portraits.

TagCloud Generator

TagCloud Generator is a word cloud generator that is online and which generates tag clouds in Flash as well as HTML within seconds and it can also provide you with a URL to the web page you want.


word cloud maker mac

ABCya! is a word cloud generator that works really, really well for kids! ABCya! is a graphical representation of word frequency. All you have to do is to type or paste text into the box that is indicated below when you are on this cloud generator’s site and to press the arrow button to view the word cloud that is being generated.

The overall appearance of a word cloud can also be changed using the graphical buttons that you can view right above the cloud; it is also going to be much easier at this point to either save and/ or print the cloud simply by pressing a button. A large chunk of this project has been released under a BSD License. You should also take note however that in order for the ABCya! app to work properly you should also have entered three or more words in order for the app to even be able to function in the right manner.


Tagul is basically a word cloud generator that allows you to create some truly spectacular word clouds. All you have to do is either login or sign up if you haven’t before and in absolutely no time, you should be able to create a cloud that would offer you mugs, t-shirts, postcards and even more stuff that has word clouds art printed on it. Tagul is a really great word cloud generator for web designers who wish to have awesome looking clouds on their or anyone else’s website. Tagul will feature cloud shapes, fonts, and it has an overall fancy look. Nonetheless, Tagul will also require a login with your email.


free world cloud generator

Yet another word cloud builder would be ToCloud. ToCloud is basically an online word cloud generator that will utiliToCloud is an online free word cloud generator that uses word frequency in lieu of the weight. Thus, the generated word cloud of a page will give a faster understanding of how that page ought to be optimized for certain words. ToCloud is smart enough to be able to extract phrases and works a whole lot better than most other word cloud generators that are available on the Web.

You can get a quick idea of which topics are being discussed if you but look at the word cloud of either a blog or a news page. With web 2.0 world, Tag clouds are also generally quite popular. If you have either an account or a blog with social networking websites then this will make it easier for you to use ToCloud and be able to display the word cloud of your pages besides being able to impress both your visitors and friends. If you happen to an SEO specialist as well, then this will really help you to gain better insight into your customers’ web pages.


There are quite a few options that you can avail with TagCrowd as your word cloud builder. You can choose the language of your choice and text which does not necessarily mean English if that isn’t what you desire. You can also show the maximum number of words which usually ranges between 25-100 word as well as the minimum frequency of words which would be 50 words. You also have the choice as to whether you want to show infrequent words or not and the word count can also be shown next to each word if that is what suits you. Furthermore, you can also convert words to lower or uppercase if that is what suits you and group similar words if that is what you really desire. You also have the option as to whether certain words ought to be shown or not.



An eighth cloud generator would be Yippy; Yippy is basically a tool that is used by both bloggers as well as webmasters because it can instantly help you visualize the topics of your choice by only using a familiar tag cloud on display. What really makes the Yippy Cloud stand out though is that you can create a cloud that can be based on either topics or queries- no longer will you need either month of content on subjects to create interesting clouds or tags. Yippy Clouds are generated using our search results for any of the topics that you choose to enter.

Since you will note that the tags are coming from Yippy, this means that you could click on absolutely any of them in order to be able to go to Yippy’s search results. If you decide to utilize Yippy this also means that you are ensuring that it is always up to date as the clusters need to be generated in real time. So what exactly can be done with a Yippy Cloud? Well, you can utilize the Yippy Cloud for individual blog posts, blog sidebars and even your very own personal site or any other web pages. You can also write blogs using Yippy and you could then add Yippy Cloud to either the end or even the middle of your post in order to be able to provide an overall high-level view about your web application framework. At a glance, your customers will be able to see the clusters you are working on. You could also customize the look of your Yippy Cloud in such a manner that it would match either your topic or your site.


word cloud maker free online macintosh

WordMosaic is a must framework that will allow you to write a comment or even a poem in the shape of either heart or any symbol and you can the send a post or even a simple greeting to your blog or Facebook wall as the case may be.

How does Vocabgrabber work?

Last but certainly not least, we have VocabGrabber. Now VocabGrabber is a wordcloud builder that will analyze any text that you are generally interested in- helping you generate o create or even analyze any text that you may be interested in, be it the most or even lease useful vocabulary words and then showing you just how those words ought to be used in absolutely any context. All you have to do is to copy text from any document and paste in onto the box and then click on Grab Vocabulary. Vocabgrabber will then automatically create an entire list of vocabulary from your text which you can then sort, save and even filter. You could also select any word on the list and see a snapshot of the visual dictionary and definitions for that word along with examples of those same words in your text. You could then click on to the world map or even the highlighted words in the example.

You can also view your vocabulary list here via the tag cloud option that will be in the default view, allow you to arrange the words in the vocab list by more relevance. In the tag cloud as well, you should also look at the text that is displayed in larger font sizes and the color of those words which will be based on whether they match any subject areas such as Art or even geography, literature or math etc. You could also select the list view which would give the vocab list in tables with columns that would display the word’s subject area, relevance score and other occurrences in the text. You could also select gallery view which would help you display images of the word’s map in the Visual dictionary. If you wish to further sort out your vocabulary list all you have to do is check out the sorting options with relevance, A-Z, occurrences, and familiarity. By default, you should note how the words are often arranged from the most relevant to the least relevant and how the other options may allow you to sort out your list alphabetically beside how familiar the words also appear in written English overall. You can also reverse any of these orderings by clicking on the name of the option to toggle the list order.
Last but not least, your list will initially show the show all words option checked. If you focus on the vocabulary in more lines or in particular subjects you will also have to click on the appropriate boxes or even box and the number in parentheses which is next to the subject name will also indicate how many words in the text can match the subject.

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