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30 Brilliant Free Fonts Worth Downloading

If you are a web designer or a graphic designer then the importance of fonts cannot be undermined. The font or typography is the writing or typing style included in every operating system. On average about 40 fonts are available on the computer and there are more than a million available professional free fonts to download from Internet. These fonts are used in a variety of ways and therefore have a lot of importance. First of all it is important to see in how many fields the typography is used. Then you can easily guess why it is so important that the designers create different and new fonts for their use with the growing passage of time.

Fonts are used by the designers for various purposes. For example if the designer is designing  a flyer then he or she will want to use different types of fonts so that he or she can create an awesome flyer. Similarly the designers also use these fonts to create a lot of other items which are viewable to the people. Designing fonts can also be passive source of income for graphic designers. Fonts are bought by large logo design companies for designing logos. Fonts like Hand drawn fonts are often used in logo designs. If you are planning to design your own font and looking for inspiration then look no further. Below you can find 30 brilliant free fonts worth downloading. Download these fonts from their original sources.

1. Accent™

Accent font by Behance


2. Acorn Typeface

Acorn Typeface on Behance


3. Advanced Dot Digital-7


4. Barkentina

Barkentina 1 Font


5. Batang

Batang - Free Font Download


6. Calibri

Calibri Font

7. Dayang Senandung

Dayang Senandung on Behance


8. Dotum


9. Dude

Dude Font


10. Ebrima

Ebrima Free Font Download


11. Grand hotel

Grand Hotel

12. Kankin

Kankin Font


13. Kartika

Kartika font download free (truetype)


14. Matchup

Matchup - Free Font on Behance


15. Moonshiner



16. Myriad Pro

Myriad Pro Font

17. Panefresco



18. Poiret



19. PW Broderie

PW Broderie Font


20. Razor

Razor Free Font on Behance


21. Ridge Typeface


22. Satellite

Satellite on Behance


23. Shruti

Shruti font download free (truetype)


24. Solgas Free Font

Solgas Font


25. The Tall Boy



26. The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On Font


27. Venera



28. Vincent



29. Wednesday Free Font

Wednesday font


30. You Make Me Smile

You Make Me Smile Font

These are only some of the many fonts that you can utilize in order to create new types of assignments or designs. These designs are being enhanced every now and then. If you are a great designer then you can take inspiration from these fonts and create a new one for yourself. These fonts are great and new and will enhance any design that you use them for. Download these free fonts from their original sources and have fun! Let us know if you come across other stunning free fonts worth downloading.
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