Facing Technical Debt- The Correct Way

Facing Technical Debt- The Correct Way

There exists both good and bad technical debt. Technical debt, in its features, is similar to the financial debt since it can be strategically utilized to assist an organization. You can develop products quicker, to enable you to sell them in the market faster. In case, you incur a minuscule debt it would not assist you in any significant way. On the other hand, if you take in massive debt, you will never be able to rise out of debt and consequently be embroiled in a new set of problems. Theoretically, there is no boundary to how much you can fidget with software if you have infinite time and resources. However, no team has an unlimited supply of either.

Origin of Technical Debt

Eventually, you will require stopping working on the software, since trying to achieve a perfect bug-free software will hamper your capability to respond to the demands of the customer. This is where technical debt begins. There are numerous steps which enable you to deal with this debt. Firstly, identify areas where you just cannot afford to have technical debt. If an area changes frequently it is not a right place to allow debt as with each change your debt will get larger rendering it harder to maintain.

Acceptability of Technical Debt

If a section of code is not very frequently modified, then it is permissible to allow debt for an extended period. Another place where involving technical debt is quite acceptable is if you are doing some work on a brand new feature that you are not certain will work or not. In this scenario, you want to release it quickly to gather feedback concerning this feature. So in this scenario, time to market is a more desirable feature than bug-free code. You then have to traverse back and pay your debt.

Discussion on Technical Debt

After you have taken technical debt in the areas you consider acceptable, you require finding out how much time and effort you want to set aside to pay back the debt. This is the place where the cultural component of technical debt comes into force. For a lot of developers, it can be frustrating to take short cuts in writing code. Moreover, if they are never permitted to take a certain period to pay back the debt, it can break their morale. Consequently, it is imperative to openly engage in a frank discussion on technical debt and construct time tables for its repayment. Building projects for the repayment of debt will also lessen the inherent risk in the code base.

Technical Debt Good or Bad

Technical debt is not statically right or wrong – it is how you handle it that provides an answer as to whether it is adding some value or taking away value during the development of your project. Technical debt can prove to be handy in making time to market, but if used irresponsibly it will spoil your code base. To get further details, kindly check online. Maintain a clear head and adopt a balanced approach to enable technical debt to pay huge dividends for your organization.

There are people who have credit card debt issues and they even struggle with technical debts. For such people it is advised to check out for best credit card consolidation so that they can manage credit card debts easily and then concentrate on technical debt in the right manner. Managing debt issues in the right manner will help you to go smooth with them and you will not find yourself in trouble.


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