Top 10 Websites to Crowdsource Logo Design Services

Forget graphic design & logo design software, its time to crowdsource your logo design services to the experts. Websites to crowdsource Logo Design Services are featured below.

Logo Design Services has turn into an enormous business with a professionally planned logo and visual character, important for pretty much any business and any place to succeed. Be that as it may, numerous less experienced entrepreneurs wonder on the off chance that they are best served by living up to expectations with a logo plan office. Since they are not acquainted with the expense of an expert logo design, they do not generally comprehend what a sensible expense for their logo is. While working with an expert originator is a remote and fairly unnerving domain, different choices are displayed as less expensive, less demanding approaches to get the logo what a business needs.

Be that as it may, are these a smart thought? Will entrepreneurs truly get a logo outline of equivalent quality at a far little cost? This is the issue we are looking at here. Throughout the article, I have featured today’s top 10 websites to crowdsource logo design services. While we discuss how Crowdsourcing works, Pros and Cons you will also be able to know about best crowdsourcing websites for logo design and logo design contest sites.

 #1. 48HoursLogo


One of the most trusted logo designing crowdsourcing websites on the internet. We have previously reviewed their services. 48HoursLogo is probably the most affordable website to crowdsource logo design services. Price starts with unbelievably low, $29 only !

While the word group sourcing in the realm of logo design services alludes only to logo challenges, the term is additionally used for more honest to good business interests. When you are using group sourcing, for instance, to increase authoritative understanding or to reach your client base, then it can be a practical and important movement. In this setting, you are soliciting a particular gathering from shoppers to be makers, with installments settled upon ahead of time or no installments by any means. They are not requested to perform a very particular work, only to offer a certifiable viewpoint.

 #2. DesignCrowd


DesignCrowd is very simple and without any hidden costs. There price is in the range of $200-$400. You can get almost 150+ designs for 1 gig. DesignCrowd very strategically branded their company by developing a online store on other TLDs like, .ca, and many more.

On the other hand, in logo design services, the term alludes solely to soliciting a gathering from novice creators to submit logos with the desire that a champ will be picked and paid—at the end of the day, a challenge.

Logo design services, similar to any talented administration, can be lavish. Numerous entrepreneurs, hindered with start-up costs, are hoping to spare pennies on every step of the way. On the off chance that you can get a sufficient logo for only a bit less cash, why not?

 #3. Zillion Designs


No, they don’t provide Zillion Designs ideas for your logo; Just kidding! Never heard about this crowdsourcing website before. While researching for this article I came to know about. Their price starts from $200

Further, crowd sourcing at first look appears to offer a far superior item than customary logo plan organizations. It is anything but difficult to perceive how an enormous gathering of gifted individuals can create a superior pool of thoughts than a solitary planner or even four or five creators, however, skilled and prepared. Crowd sourcing for the most part takes somewhat less time forthright for entrepreneurs than conventional logo plan—no gatherings with architects or offering input on a continually advancing work until it is simply great. Rather, you just commission a huge amount of logos and pay for the one you need. No agreement, no messages, no telephone calls, no issue.

 #4. 99 Designs


99Designs is my all time favorite and most probably the oldest in the industry and definitely the most popular. Their price starts with $299, no not $99 sorry to disappoint you, if I have. But I can bet you will not regret your $299 investment. It’s a must must must try website to crowdsource logo design services.

Crowd sourcing is likewise appealing to potential logo planners. On the off chance that you are hoping to break into the field, these sites may appear like an incredible approach to develop your portfolio and start to increase proficient admiration.

Be that as it may, there is one unmistakable champ in crowd sourcing and logo configuration challenges: the organizations that run the sites offering these administrations! As we should see, these organizations assume little liability for policing their benefactors or their clients. They are taking an enormous cut of each logo value essentially to give a site on which the challenges can happen.

#5. Logo Design Guru

logodesignguru - design contest

LogoDesignGuru is One of the best because here you can set your own prize money. So naturally it’s up to you how much you want to spend on your logo design. Naturally more the money more the choices.

To start with, there is no personalization. The logo fashioners being referred to are regularly from different nations and have no comprehension of how certain pictures, hues, and textual styles are seen in your country. Second, you may not wind up with a lawfully suitable logo plan. An anonymous, faceless planner from over the globe has no chance to get of knowing whether a comparative logo is as of now being used for a business like yours in your extremely town or more awful yet might actually counterfeit a current logo.

#6. 110 Designs

110desing-logo design contest sites

With 110Designs you will receive 25-75 design ideas per contest. You can receive your first design within hours of starting the contest. You can access to 10,000+ designers around the world with money back guarantee, if you don’t like the designs, and they also provide best in class customer support. Must try I would say.

Numerous entrepreneurs find that logo configuration challenges are a complete exercise in futility. For one situation, a man held a challenge for a logo outline, paying cash to list the challenge and afterwards offering a $350 prize to the best champ. After 54 sections, nothing lived up to expectations. For this measure of cash and time, this client could have worked with an expert logo architect and wound up with the logo that they required.

#7. Logo My Way


LogoMyWay is a logo design contest site with minimum price of $200. On average you will receive 200 logo designs to choose from. Start now and start receiving design ideas within 24 hours, according to them.

In the event that you accept that the right logo can help your business discover achievement, why believe the procedure to somebody who has no interest all the while? In the event that, then again, you do not accept this, why significantly trouble? You can discover a picture to slap on your letterhead in Microsoft cut workmanship simply and much all the more inexpensively than a logo challenge participant.

#8. Logo Tournament

Logotournament-crowdsource logo design services

LogoTournament is another dedicated logo design crowdsourcing website out there. There price starts with $275. Their landing page design technique in very “attractive”, in the sense of attracting leads. We have not used their service but I am sure, they provide best in class designs.

The way that numerous individuals have no comprehension of visual computerization just makes it less demanding for anybody with Photoshop and an online challenge website record to take advantage. Numerous entrepreneurs just do not understand that they are getting a substandard item. At the point when their business is by all accounts slacking, they will never consider that their image is to be faulted a brand that is spoken to by their logo. What is more, a few times they may even get into copyright encroachment issues.

A qualified planner with ability, obvious references, and sufficient preparing will not work under the conditions offered by crowd sourcing and logo design challenges. They can without much of a stretch land on a position, even with a telecommute or other adaptable game plan if essential, from a legitimate logo outline organization. They do not have to work for quite a long time with no guarantee of pay. So who are the individuals drudging ceaselessly to surge logo design challenges and crowd sourcing sites with logos?

I am not saying that these individuals are untrustworthy or terrible—not before all else, at any rate and not in all cases. A hefty portion of these “fashioners” start with the same enthusiasm for visual computerization that an expert logo creator would share. The logo design challenge sites that are so appealing to numerous entrepreneurs use the same kind of ”sweet talk” to win over planned specialists. They display hopeful and even deceptively high risks of being chosen while minimizing the measure of work included in designing a logo. This is an appealing suggestion for somebody searching for their huge possibility.

#9. WitMart

Witmart - crowdsource logo design services
Some of the latest winners in logo design crowdsourcing

WitMart claims to be the best and the most affordable crowdsourcing websites which provide services in various fields. Logo Design service is one of many. They also provide crowdsourcing opportunity on Web Design and App development.

In any case, the originator soon finds that their endeavours are not compensated. Regardless of the fact that they win one out of each one hundred challenges which is factually far-fetched when going up against a huge number of individuals with fluctuating degrees of expertise, there is still a considerable measure of unpaid work going into their logos. Considering that a not too bad logo can take hours to make and be flawless, these architects may put in a few weeks of work for a solitary prize of perhaps one hundred dollars. Regardless of the possibility that the recompense is higher, their time has not been remunerated at the rate they would get from a lowest pay permitted by law work.

Their decision is then to stop the business inside and out or to put less exertion into every logo. Indeed, so as to make the same time-based compensation as your normal fast food worker, this theoretical creator would need to make a logo in only a couple of minutes. This is likely the explanation behind the high rate of copyright infringement and out and out educated burglary in online challenges and crowd sourcing sites. Here we see a logo challenge section that gets heavily–perhaps on the verge of excessively intensely—from this comparable logo. What is more, this is only one of hundreds, if not thousands, of cases. While the issue of written falsification and scholarly robbery is regularly talked about in the visual communication world, logo design challenges appear to be set up to make these circumstances.

Regardless of the fact that the creator being referred to takes a fiscally hurtful stand against literary theft, they will probably discover themselves taking alternate routes to keep their endeavours as gainful as would be prudent. This is the reason numerous eventual logo creators essentially use cut workmanship and other free pictures to fabricate their crowd sourcing logos. While this is less legitimately trading off than taking a copyrighted picture, it in any case can disable the business that purchases the picture. There is no real way to copyright a picture that is now in general society space, which implies that your organization can never truly own the logo. In this logo crowd sourcing challenge, an organization paid for a logo that is a glaring duplicate of free clasp craftsmanship accessible on every Personal Computer. Despite the fact that the “creator” swears it was an innocent misstep, you can see comparable work everywhere throughout the web.

A few of the most noticeable sites offering crowd sourcing, logo challenges, and other ease logo arrangements gloat a participation in the five or six figures. Are there truly this numerous individuals willing to work for just the minutest possibility of any prize? Assuming this is the case, what amount of exertion do you think went into their work? On the off chance that you ponder whether literary theft is truly an issue, consider this: numerous real locales have set up segments of their sites and have even committed representatives to identifying it and having it expelled from these challenges. That is an immense venture for an issue that numerous logo challenge locales case is non-existent.

#10. Crowd Spring


CrowdSpring is a hybrid logo design crowdsourcing company. Why? Because they provide both Crowdsourcing logo design and 1-to-1 logo design. You can contact them to set you up with one of their best designers, with most rating and you can work with him/her directly.

Most sites offering shabby logo outline through crowd sourcing or challenges are not completely terrible either. Truth be told, they likely started with the best of aims, trusting they could be an honour winning logo design services organization. As little businessmen, we can all comprehend the idea of attempting to win a legit living from a quick thought. As it would turn out, we are all in this business in some structure or another.

Until you consider the gauge of work that will come about because of these rivalries, they sound like a smart thought. Shockingly, policing the work is a genuine cerebral pain for the sites included. Regardless of the possibility that they have an arrangement set up for avoiding written falsification and burglary and just a modest bunch of these locales do, these arrangements are infrequently practicable, all things considered, plan. Consider that these sites are additionally battling the law of numbers, with several challenges paying only a couple of dollars every in commission. This implies that one individual is likely administering the entire operation, perhaps with a laundry list of duties from other departments as well. Can this person even glance at each of these thousands of entries? Not likely.

Other communities claim to address the problem through ‘’self-policing’’. This means that they rely on contestants to tattle tale on each other. Can a designer who is for all practical purposes being paid nothing for their work afford to sit and review the other entries for plagiarism? How are false accusations handled? Is the person tattling experienced enough to identify possible instances of theft? Are you willing to bet your company’s future that they are?

However, it is more difficult to list the drawbacks. The offender might get their account closed, but it is easy to open a new one.

#11. Genius Rocket


GeniusRocket is a crowdsourcing media agency. They not only provide logo design services but also other media services such as animation crowdsourcing, motion graphics, crowdsourcing video commercial and many more. They are “master of all trade”.

 At Conclusion

Visit the above websites and find out yourself which is the best website to crowdsource logo design services and save your time. Designing a logo for your business is one of the most important aspects of branding. Don’t just reply on one designer or free logo design software, crowdsource it.

Let us know what you think about these top 10 websites for crowd sourcing and share more in the comments below if you find any.

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