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Connecting With Your Customers – The Power Of Mobile Devices

With technological advancements in recent years, businesses all around the globe have started adopting various methodologies in an effort to help them achieve their targets. One such marketing approach that has gained a lot of positive buzz and has become successful in coming to the forefront of awareness of the marketers is – Mobile Marketing. Simply put, your customers have already gone mobile, and the chance of them consuming your products and services through their mobile devices is high. In short, your failure to implement a successful mobile marketing strategy in order to connect with your audience will destroy your business forever.
Mobile Marketing

Before we proceed any further, let us look at the extent mobile devices have become popular:

-Over 40% of e-mails are opened using a mobile device.

-Over 25% of overall views on YouTube are coming from mobile devices.

-Over 60% of Twitter and Facebook users use their mobile devices to access them.

-Over 84% of mobile device owners in the U.S. do not leave home without the device.

-By 2014, the number of people using the Internet through mobile devices will be greater than the number of people using the Internet through computers.

The statistics mentioned above supply authenticity to the thought that mobile marketing is surely going to become the most significant part of marketing budget expenditures within the next couple of years.

So how do you start? Or rather, from where should you start your mobile marketing campaign?

Using Google Analytics to check if your Customers are Mobile

Any analytics program is sufficient in providing all the information you want to know about customers visiting your business using mobile devices. However if you want precision and reliability, I recommend that you use Google Analytics. Let us see how you can get things rolling:

#1. Viewing the Mobile Traffic Segment

Once you have logged into Google Analytics, it is easy to view your mobile traffic segment. Click on “Advanced Segments”, and select “All Visits” and “Mobile Traffic” from the checkboxes. Click “Apply” to complete.

#2. Reviewing the Mobile Traffic Percentage

You will be able to view the mobile traffic right under the “Advance Segments” button. Not only this, you will also be able to view the mobile traffic percentage of all visits to your website. If it is more than 20%, consider that you have a mobile-friendly consumer-base.

#3. Determining the Devices your Consumers Use

Find “Standard Reports” inside the left navigational panel. First, click on “Audience”, and watch the menu drop down. Next, click on “Mobile” and select “Devices”. As you do this, you will be shown a list of top mobile devices that are used to access your content.

Popular Types of Mobile Marketing

With this, you will get a clear idea whether or not to implement a mobile marketing strategy. If you take my advice, going mobile is the future. And you need to go with a mobile strategy, be it sooner or later. However, the big problem is determining which mobile marketing strategy will be best suited to your requirements.

As you are now able to know your customers better via Google Analytics, your next job is to find the right type of mobile marketing strategy for your business. Let us look at four of the most popular ways chosen by business to market their products and services through mobile devices:

  1. Via SMS: You can send textual messages to the mobile devices of your customers to announce new releases or live events, and offer lucrative discounts, coupons and sweepstakes.
  2. Via MMS: Find the location of your customers using GPS technology and send them messages, which contain multi-media objects such as audio, video and images of your products and services.
  3. Via Mobile App: You can also create a mobile app for your business. Encourage your customers to download the app, as a mobile app is highly effective in direct engagement, payment, and targeted advertising.
  4. Via QR Code: QR code or Quick Response code is the latest fascination of mobile marketers. The QR code of a particular business allows a user to scan it from his smartphone. Once the scan is complete, it takes the user to a specially designed landing page that has all the essential information about the business – from contact details to special offers.


There are other mobile marketing strategies like Bluetooth marketing and mobile ads marketing which you can successfully implement as well. However, it is up to you to decide what you will choose to go with. After all, it is your business, and you will know it better than anyone what will make your customers happy.


My name is Thomas Miller. I am an Internet Marketing Executive by profession and live in Houston, Texas. I am also present at Pinterest.

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