Common WordPress Mistakes That Can Be Fatal

Just when I thought WordPress was easy, came the thought of common mistakes that are capable of making life a living nightmare. Earlier I had covered some common but fatal web designing bloopers, but this time it’s common WordPress mistakes. I believe some mistakes are inevitable; however, constant effort can make you overcome these with time!

Here are some common WordPress mistakes that users end up making:

Backing Up The Website

Backing up the website-common wordpress mistakes

‘Crashes’ are long-term bonds that are associated with the world of technology, which is why they are inevitable. The reason why I am singing all about crashes is for you to understand the importance of backing up a website. To avoid a painful situation like data loss, using an automatic back-up plug-in like ‘WP-DB-Backup’ will be a good option or If you are a hard player then, ‘Tools>Export’ will also do good!

Missing The Plug-Ins

wordpress-plugins-common wordpress mistakes

Nobody expects you to have the knowledge of all the plug-ins present in WordPress, which is why I believe trial n’ error to be the apt way of knowing what’s best for you. However, I mean to make things much easier for you by naming some plug-ins that will be quite handy for you:

  • Contact Form 7
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Akismet
  • All in One SEO pack

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Another point, which I would like to reveal here, would be a common mistake of delivering a plug-in with no comment! Shockingly, throughout my career I have come across several coders who leave their stuff unnamed, only to suffer later on.

Unfriendly Permalink Structure

Unfriendly Permalink structure-common wordpress mistakes

Another mistake that a coder is capable of committing is leaving the default WordPress setting to be non-searchable. The best way of making the permalink SEO-friendly is to insert keywords in the structure. Here is how you make a search friendly Permalink structure:

Options>Permalinks>Custom Text Box>”/%category%/%postname%/%post_id”   Administrator=Admin

Well, this is more of a legacy rather than a mistake because it’s been committed for years and there’s still no stopping. I believe in learning from others mistakes before doing it myself, which is why I advise my clients to avoid using the username ‘admin’. I believe the default username is not so hard to predict, plus a poor password is always a hacker’s delight. If you know what I mean then, you are surely on the right track!

Generic Function Names

Generic Function Names-common wordpress mistakes

Not to forget that it is another common error that a coder should avoid, which is of using generic names for a function and class. These generic names will surely trigger an error in the future, and you will not be able to redeclare the named function.

Moreover, a coder should know the possibility of a clash between the default functions of WordPress and the General functions that he/she made up afterwards. Using the same declaration functions will lead you nowhere; instead, go for a specific function wrapped into a specifically named class!

Posting Content With Administrator

Posting content with Administrator-common wordpress mistakes

Disguising your WordPress installation is really important and if you are posting content using an administrator account then, you are not doing any good to the cause! I believe people have become much smarter than we actually think them to be, which is why guessing User names through posts is not a tough deal anymore. I would suggest you to use the administrator account for back-end activities only, which is its defined role. For content posting purposes, we can have a contributor account to make things safe and easy for you.

Ignoring Google Authorship

Everybody loves Google-common wordpress mistakes

Whether you love or hate Google, but you simply cannot ignore the fact that it rules the search engine segment dominantly. This is the reason why Google Authorship Markup plays an important role at present, as it improves website’s credibility and market exposure. As a website owner, you will definitely wish your website to be the dominating one in the market and in the search results too!

Where’s the Analytics?

Where's the analytics-common wordpress mistakes

Do we ever buy a car without a read-through the reviews or what the existing owners have to say about the performance? ON THE OTHER HAND, I believe most of us are in a habit of checking whether our respective vehicles are delivering the promised performance or not. Most of the WordPress users that we have today never refer to analytics, which can actually assist them in monitoring the websites performance. Managing a website without Google analytics will be like driving a car at night without headlamps…now, that’s scary!

FTP Transfers With CPanel File Manager

FTP transfers with cPanel File manager-common wordpress mistakes

Another big one in the list! Finding an FTP client may be time consuming but the improved quality of your blog is enough to fill up the time void. If you are using a file manager in cPanel then you can face frequent issues like crashes or a much slower interface. Meanwhile, using an FTP will definitely make your life easier with the file changing permissions and uploads.


Above mentioned are some of the common but considerable mistakes that webmasters have been committing since ages. I hope the trend breaks and web experience becomes a much better place for all. If you have some more to add to the list then, do care to share the valuable info.


  1. Hi Maneet

    There is no doubt that almost every blogger or webmaster do these WordPress mistakes once in their life.

    & These mistakes help them to learn something new again and again with time.

    You have listed here almost all the major WordPress mistakes which bloggers do including me.

    I have also did so many mistakes in my WordPress blog. I can remember when I started my 1st blog, I never created any BackUp of my WordPress site. One day, by mistake I deleted the database of my blog from Cpanel and It created a major issue in my site.

    I didn’t knew anything about it so I started my blog again by re-installing the WordPress.

    That was the unforgettable mistake because It contained hard work of almost 2 months and I completely losed it by deleting the database.

    After that day, I always take complete BackUp of my each site.

    Thanks for covering such a nice article so that people can learn about these mistakes and also can avoid them. 😀

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