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Building HTML5 Form with Finest Tools and Frameworks

Developing Forms should not be frustrating rather it should be fascinating. But as it appears people tend to believe otherwise and for that reason, we have to encounter numerous bad, ugly and some vivacious forms time and again. Perhaps, developers get bored at the sight of building another form that basically does not serve any aesthetic purpose and for that reasons, there is no escape from those pathetic forms that sometimes make our lives really miserable.

But it should not be the case, However, there is no denying of the fact that forms are a bit intimidating for some developers as they are complex in nature and takes a lot of time and effort. But there is a way out. Here we are going to share some cool tools and frameworks that can take away the pain from the process to a great extent.

Knowing the Difference

So, you know that there are two potential ways you can build forms that can amaze the visitors rather than making feel bouncing back and they are – Web Apps and Frameworks. Web Apps are the easy way to build forms. They are smart and powerful enough to build forms in minutes but on the flipside, it has its share of shortcomings. Web Apps offer automated solutions and therefore, you will have zero opportunity to test your web development skills and some of these apps are rigid in structure and customization options are largely limited. And in most cases, these web apps are not available for free.

Frameworks are a great alternative of these apps but to be able to make the most of these Frameworks, you need to have proper understanding of HTML and CSS. This might be a bit problematic for a newbie who does not have any kind of authority on HTML5. But for advanced users, these frameworks give ample opportunities to customize the look and feel. So, these frameworks offer greater creative freedom and the best part is that you will not have to pay a single penny for this. These frameworks are available for free.

Okay, so you have fair level of understanding of how these HTML5 tools and apps work, let us take a look at them and figure out which you should be embracing to give a definite push to productivity –

Form Builders

Let’s start with some cool web form builders that can make the development process look cool and hassle free –

Wufoo – You simply cannot ignore this powerful and feature rich platform if you are trying to explore the best of the HTML5 frameworks. This is the best and the most powerful framework available out there. With this amazing tool, you will be able to build forms with meticulous efficiency and that too without spending much of your productive hours.

Thanks to its Drag and Drop functionality, you will be able to sketch a form on its Canvas and then you can make changes in it till you find the desired shape.

If you’re talking about form builders, you simply can’t fail to bring up Wufoo, which is by far one of the best options in this space. It is super easy to use and it is immensely powerful to help you build a web form that works seamlessly without facing any glitches along the way.

Uploading files, adding analytics codes to track things, setting Email notifications and payment acceptance are few things that can overwhelm you completely when you will be trying to build an amazing form. So, if you are not that good at managing several things, you might end up messing up the project completely.  But thankfully Wufoo takes care of everything. It takes all the pain from the process of developing a form and offers a nice and interactive dashboard from where you can manage things without getting messy with the codes.

For starter, Wufoo offers free account to get nosey with. This free account offers almost everything that you need to make a stunning and shiny form; however, paid is there for those who want to have a taste of the sophisticated features.

JotForm – This is a very powerful alternative of Wufoo. Though its features are not as nice as ‘Wufoo’, it has managed to gain immense popularity because of its simplicity. Even a newbie can use its feature and build a fully functional form in no time because of the simplicity.

The price structure is highly impressive and hopefully, it will not put immense pressure on your pocket. Professional plan is available at just $49.95 which is basically a steal given the fact that the Wufoo’s professional plan starts at $200/month. All the complications that are closely associated with developing a form like setting up Auto-complete functions, Captchas, adding payment models etc can be done easily with JotForm.


So, now you know how you can build form with Web Apps. But if you are looking for more creative freedom in the development process of the form, you need to get your hands dirty with these following frameworks.

52 Framework – This is one of the few HTML5 frameworks that hit the web in its early days. However, its popularity has waned a bit after the rise of some other powerful frameworks. But its features are still good enough to develop a robust form with basic features incorporated in it.

Formalize – Formalize is a framework that aims at making the form styling render consistently in all major browsers. And if you wish you can integrate this framework with JavaScript library, you are free to do so and it will reduce your hassles in myriads of different ways. This framework is developed by none other than the famous creator of 960 Grid System – Nathan Smith.

Formee – Formee is another much popular framework that has been embraced by a considerable number of web developers because of its simplicity of use and its cool features. It makes the forms become cross browsers friendly and with it, you will be able to develop a simple interface for the form and that too without muddling much with the complexities of codes.

So, in final words, we have shared some of the coolest and most popular Web apps and frameworks for building amazing forms. Now, it is you who have to decide which will work for you best and which will not.

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Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and social media analyst. He is currently trying to help people design great websites with HTML templates powered by MotoCMS.


  1. Im a newbie and learning by rebuilding my site on a localhost (bootstrap) and looking for a form builder that doesnt need a subscription. Any ideas? the spam is frustrating me

    1. Thanks for your comment Gareth. You can try Wufoo.com, wufoo needs subscription but it is safe and it wont spam you. You can always choose to receive or not their newsletter.
      Other that Wufoo, pForm, or emailmeform are good alternative.

      Keep Visiting Inspireyourway.com

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