25 Best and Working Ambigram Maker

Ambigrams are basically an art form that can be read as not just the words that are in front of you but also from other view points, orientations or directions.
Ambigrams are usually exercises in graphic design that present you with something that An ambigram is an art form that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation. Ambigrams are also graphic design exercises that permit you to play with visual perception, symmetry and even optical illusions. This article is meant to demonstrate some of the best online ambigram generators which will certainly help you design the ambigram of your dream.
The best Ambigram Makers of all time

1-The Ambigram Generator

Basically the ambigram generator is one that would allow you to type in any two names, phrases or words and then create your very own, personalized and unique ambigrams that could be read either upside down or even upright. You would simply have to see it to believe it! You could choose different font styles as well as the text of your choice in order to create a perfect gallery of ambigrams that you could preview. If you particularly liked any of the designs than all you would have to do is to order an ambigram ebook that would allow you to create your magical designs on the spot and they would be delivered to you via email within minutes.
In order to make your own ambigram pattern or design all you have to do is to click the button that would say ‘Create new design’ and type in the two words that you want your ambigram to have.


The world’s first and only online Ambigram generator was originally Ambigram Matic. Ambigram matic allows you to flip words, different words that may be of the same length or even whole and symmetrically spaced, words and sentences on their heads and read in any which way! The important thing to remember is that when you use Ambigram matic for the very first time, the word or words must definitely be of the same length. You must enter at least one letter in the top field and then leave the bottom field empty or enter more than one letter there as well if you would like. You can also choose to flip a word on to itself by simply leaving the second blank entirely empty. You should further resize your browser so that all of the words and sentences can fit on a single line.

3 Ambigram generator by TatooFonts

To make this ambigram generator work, all you have to do is to insert the name or word of your choice. Then, you simply turn the image around 180d egrees and you will see that there is a fantastically different result!

4- Ambigram Generator by ParaScientific

Ambigram Generator by Parascientific is an amazing ambigram generator that can allow you to mirror any word and even words that may be different but they can be of the same length. You can choose from both offline or even online generators in this regard. You can enter one or more words of the same length separated by space and see what happens.

5-Voltica- Ambigram Typeface

The motto of Volitca, Ambigram typeface revolves around putting control in the hands of numerous creative professionals who may suffer from disorganization, inefficiency and even careers simply because they can not handle bureaucracy.
Voltica, Ambigram Typeface is part of the Adobe family and it will allow you to craft the future of creative workflow. This means that working with Voltica will allow you create revolutionary products that can empower and connect the creative world as a whole; this is regardless of whether you work with Voltica, Ambigram Typeface as a designer, developer, or even as a community manager.

6-Def P & Beatbusters

Album artwork, ambigram, logo and illustrations
As the name suggests, Def P and Beatbusters allow you to create the most stunning illustrations, logos and the ambigrams. Album titles are a particular speciality where Def P and Beat busters are concerned, because you can design them in an aytpographical manner which could be read in exactly the same manner no matter how you may read it. Furthermore, the decoration in the background of the album could also be set in any way you desire, be it a negative or a positive way and the color scheme could also be anything you may desire.

7-T Ambigrams for Necklaces and Tattoos

Ambigram fir Necklaces and Tattoos is one of the easiest ambigrams to use; it uses material that is 3mm thick and is transparent acrylic sheet. While the end product may not seem very good as it was cut using chisels and saws instead of lasers, it is nonetheless worth using as you will be wearing a really cool and chunky necklace or sporting some really hipster tattoos by the end of the day.



Creattica is also one of the best ambigram generators out there; it allows you to be able to sport ambigrams for necklaces and tattoos that are cool, heavy and yet very funky and cool. What are you waiting for?

9-Raffles Café Ambigram

Raffles Café ambigram ensures that you land with an ambigram that is perky, intricate and well designed. Raffles Café ambigram will also allow you to sport an ambigram that appears dark, gothic and yet highly interesting and bound to pique the interest of all around you


Ektopia is one oft hose ambigrams that can make the words of your choice appear pure white and alabaster. The great thing about Ektopia is that is an ambigram generator that can really ramp up your words, designs and even tattoos by making them stand out even more than ever.

11-Antique Dribbble

Antique Dribble also let you form words of your choice or use words that may be different but of the same length and piece them together or generate a word ‘collage’ with a retro design and in pure white or even a dove grey color. What are you waiting for?

12-Mistica Logotype 3d

This is a form of ambigram that allows you to focus on the word in one shot and have the word in set in a distant way in the next shot; the advantage of such ambigrams is that they appear masterfully done and very tasteful and can really help you focus on the important text as well.

13-Fate Ambigrams

Fate ambigram is an ambigram geenrator that makes words look alluring, mysterious but foreboding all at once; after all the generator is entitled Fate Ambigram itself. This in turn indicates that the words of your choice will also appear smart, gothic, terrifying and mysterious all at once. Therefore, Fate Ambigram it is.


Ubdhav is one of the very best ambigram generators out there; it will make your choice of words for an anagram stand out way more than anyone elses’ – this could be because Ubdhav will make the anagram’s letters appear thin, slanting and yet perfect in terms of how the whole thing should look.


With yellow ornate curls at the end of each letter, and a striking and vibrant backgroudn, Aimee is one ambigram generator to truly watch out for because it can make your work look more colorful, attractive and forceul- a real winenr!


Next in line is Viola. Viola is one of those ambigram generators that not only allows words to appear in a strking and sharp violet color but it also allows you to play with words in a manner that few other anagram generators will do. For instance, even if you take the word or name Viola, the Viola ambigram generator will allow you to overturn and play with it and help you turn it into a variety of other names; Oval for instance or Vial or even Vail which is the old fashioned way of saying veil!


Josh is an ambigram geenrator that will surely allow you to make your ambigrams look more daring and outragerous than ever before, the problem in this case however is that the tattoo that you will create with Josh is only a one time tattoo and is not intended for long time use nor is it an anagram generator that is meant to be long lasting. Nonetheless that is the very charm of the Josh ambigram generator; it speaks brevity and yet it an anagram generator that allows you to create words that appear bold, colorful and visually striking!


Proud is an anagram generator that will make words or anagrams appear medieval, gothic and highly noticenable; what is even better is that they allow complete word scrambling and unscrambling to take place at all times; you can also make fantastic and even simple anagrams out of any of the words of your chocie- with Proud for instance you can form the words,’rod’, ‘drop’, ‘prod’ etc.

19- Illumanti Diamond Anagram

The Illumanti Diamond Anagram is one of the best anagram generators out there; it will allow you create anagrams in a highly stunnning display of a combination of ice blue words with a white frosted back ground which will truly render your work a piece of art that will blow away everyone who makes up their mind to look at!

20-Steampunk Ambigram

To my mind, Steampunk Ambigram is one of the best ambigram generators that you could ever opt for; it will make your work look absolutely mind blowing. Little curly capped words, golden coin like words; your anagram will look like something out of late nineeteenth to early twentieth century work of Art with Steampunk Ambigram!

21-One Blood One love Anagram

Despite the stereotype, One blood, one love anagram is actually pretty popular because of the way that the word or letters of your anagram will appear curly and dripping in blood; this anagram style is one to die for because it will make your work look positively tragic and romantic all at once!

22-Beatles Anagram

Based on the obvious band that was such a hit in the 1960s and whose songs are still very popular to this day, Beatles Anagram is an anagram generator that will allow you to create anagrams in a manner that is highly stylistic, very funky and very, very edgy. Thus Beatles Anagram Generator is one anagram generator that you should definitely NOT miss out on as it is very powerful and will allow the generation of anagrams to take place rapidly and very effectively indeed!


Then again, we land at Peta. Peta is one of those anagram generators that will make words appear larger, gothic and very garish to look at; nonthteless, Peta is also an ambigram generator that will make words appear better looking than ever before; this is despite the length of the words or even if the words may sound or be similar in fact.

24- A Lot Of Love

A Lot of Love is an anagram generator that will create anagrams that may initially appear spindly or not very well designed but it is actually the opposite and the anagram may appear as something that looks bright, bizarre and yet highly gothic- something in short that you would definitely opt for, no matter what


Last but not least, and ironically so is Faithful. Faithful is one of those anagram generators that will create anagrams worth looking at; the typical logo design for Faithful involves a whole lot of purple and white however despite the consistent color scheme, have no fear as you can generate words any which way- be it spindly, long lettered or crafted in a manner that is fastidious and has been long worked on, Faithful will allow you to create any forms of words that you may desire!


So what are you waiting for? Be it Peta, Violet, Creattica or any other ambigram generator, you now know where to look and can decide your own top pick!


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