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12 Best Mobile Website Examples Worth Considering

Since 80 percent users favor using Smartphones to shop online, businesses seem to be focusing more on enhancing the user experience of mobile websites. Besides, as Google has launched a new algorithm according to which “website ranking will be based on mobile-friendliness”, the need for providing an optimal mobile website experience for users has become more important than ever before.

Whether you’re looking forward to optimize your existing website design for mobile devices, or want to build a mobile website from scratch, there are some amazing mobile website design examples you can look up to for inspiration.

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12 of the best mobile website design examples for your consideration

#1. Indochino

It’s an e-commerce website which offers quality custom menswear. When accessed via a mobile, this responsive store showcase beautiful images of its product. What’s worth noting about this store is the how the product pages are handled: the images look great and doesn’t lose its quality when scaled down to fit the screen size of a mobile device or tablet. So, if you’re planning to create a responsive e-commerce website (ideally the one associated with clotting and apparel), then Indochino will prove a great inspiration for designing such kind of site.


#2. The Boston Globe

Looking for an elegant looking news website whose content easily adjusts to the screen size of the reader’s mobile device? Then, The Boston Globe is the right choice for you. It is one of America’s leading newspapers that features a responsive design, providing an optimal reading experience for users, regardless of the device they’re using to access the site. The website boasts a minimalist design that looks great no matter what device is used for viewing the site.

The Boston Globe

#3. Appsted

There are a handful of companies out there that not only showcase beautiful responsive design layouts, but also help in creating one. The same is the case with Appsted, a web design firm that features an impressive responsive layout that sizes properly according to the device it is being accessed on.


#4. Drexel University

The penetration of Smartphones and tablets seems to have influenced the education industry as well. Many schools are aiming to provide each student with a tablet, in a bid to make the learning process more fun and engaging. Moreover, with 83% students using a Smartphone and 45% using a tablet on a daily basis, even universities need to become serious about implementing a responsive web design. Drexel University is one of the best examples of mobile website containing an engaging responsive design.

Drexel University

#5. A Book Apart

This is another good example of an e-commerce mobile website, but differs in the way how it showcases its products. Unlike many ecommerce sites, A Book Apart website makes use of vibrant book covers rather than opting for large beautiful photography to make sales. This website can be used as an inspiration, if you aim at creating a site displaying a wide collection of books.


#6. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

If you happen to be inspired by the idea of creating a mobile website for the busy parent, helping them easily access information regarding the activities their kids will be indulged in, then The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh website is worth considering. This mobile site features a simple design and bright colors that makes it engaging.

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

#7. The Huffington Post

A well-recognized news outlet, the Huffington Post is the best example for creating content-heavy mobile websites, as the headlines of the site get slightly altered to make content easy to scan for mobile users. In fact, when you’ll compare the desktop version of the site from the mobile site, you can easily notice that the latter one contains shorter headlines. This makes the site perfect for reading even on a small screen.

Huffington Post

#8. KISSmetrics

A highly popular website offering highly resourceful and relevant information to optimize marketing, KISSmetrics is a perfect example for creating a mobile site for a business dealing in selling software or one interested in displaying lots of information. The best aspect about this mobile site is that the content is displayed in a different manner on various screen sizes. For example, when a user views the site using any mobile device a lot of text is removed, as the site believes that mobile users usually skip a lot of text to access the most important information.


#9. Hubspot

Hubspot is an Inbound marketing giant that boasts an attractive responsive web design, containing informative marketing related data. The mobile site contains large-size images and vividly displays content that looks right on all mobile device screen sizes. Most importantly, it is one of the best examples of a mobile website design that isn’t afraid of making users scroll the page. As a matter of fact, people will love scrolling the Hubspot pages due to its perfect responsive design.


#10. World Wildlife Fund

Planning to build a non-profit website optimized for mobile devices? Then, you can refer to World Wildlife Fund for inspiration. The site boasts a minimalist design with beautiful imagery and easy to read text, which looks good no matter what device is used to access the site.


#11. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a well-known Internet media company, providing viral content which includes videos, images and lots of other buzz-making content. Since many user visits the site using their mobile devices, the mobile website of BuzzFeed is carefully designed to cater the needs of on-the-go readers in the best possible manner. The web design of this site when accessed via a mobile phone presents the most popular content at the top in a simple manner.


#12. Shutterfly

This is a good example of designing a creative website that enables users to create some amazing artwork, and then also allow them to view their work via their Smartphones. The site provides an optimal mobile experience for users, by allowing them to view information about personalized cards, photo books, and more using beautiful images. When viewed on a mobile device, you’ll notice that the menu items will appear in the form of large buttons, making it easy for the users to quickly view and select the option of their choice.

Wrapping Up!

If you want to build a mobile website, but don’t know where to begin from, aforementioned are a few examples of best mobile website designs that will provide you with inspiration to fulfill your objective.

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