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10 Scintillating Mobile Apps Rendering A Flawless UI Experience

It is the user experience which distinguishes a good mobile app from a bad one. With an enormous count of apps being released on a daily basis, it has become imperative for the designers to create apps that can easily stand out from the crowd. The constantly changing face of the smartphone world has motivated app designers to follow the most recent mobile app design trends. Whether it’s about the higher resolution on new retina displays or adapting to the different screen sizes, the app designers pay special heed to every little aspect associated with designing best quality applications. It is through this post that I’ll be introducing you to 10 stunning mobile apps which have been built with flawless user experience in mind. That means, all the apps covered below score high on the scales of design and usability.

  1. ChowNow


Serving as an excellent Restaurant Online Ordering System, ChowNow is an app that offers your customers an amazing flexibility of ordering for their favorite food via your official website, Facebook page or any other branded mobile apps built for your restaurant. With the ChowNow mobile app, you can easily track orders as they come in. Plus, you can alert your staff each time a new order is received and simultaneously inform the customers when their order is ready. Also, you can use this remarkable mobile app for running promotions and special programs by setting hours of operation, delivery zone and unique menu items.

  1. Moodswings


Moodswings is an iPhone application which allows you to add and track your daily moods via time and location. You can keep a check on how your neighbors are feeling and whether or not they are able to find reasons behind your moodswings. To get started with the Moodswings app, all you need to do is simply enter your current state of mind by selecting from a wide collection of options available in the form of emoticons. Once you’re done with this, it will become simpler for you to track all your moodswings. The two view types used by Moodswings app for automatically recognizing your moodswings include Map View and Calendar View.

  1. Quote Roller

    Quote Roller

Specially designed for business professionals, Quote Roller is an iPhone app that allows you to create winning business proposals, following by sending, tracking and getting them signed from anywhere at any point of time. As an intuitive and highly flexible mobile application, Quote Roller is thoroughly compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Some of the stunning features available with Quote Roller mobile app include: 35+ sector-specific business proposal templates, full history of your business activities, catalog of your products and services, a detailed analysis of your business proposals etc.

  1. Sudoku


Specially designed for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch; Sudoku app comes with a beautiful interface. Backed by a brilliant retina screen support, the iPhone Sudoku app comes loaded with remarkable features including: automatic memo mode, user-friendly interface, powerful statistics feature, emotional design, Daily Sudoku & World Challenge, 25 background colors and 2 unique skin modes and excellent multi-lingual support(currently the app is supporting English and Korean languages).

  1. RaceSplitter


RaceSplitter is a powerful race timer app that allows you to time a race or a specific training session. You can use the mobile app for getting splits and standings during a specific sports training regime. Equipped with a clean interface and efficient functionality, RaceSplitter is a mobile app custom-made for coaches and event organizers. It is interesting to learn that nearly a million people in over 80 different countries across the globe have been timed using the RaceSplitter mobile application.

  1. Jet Lag


If you are a frequent traveler and have to fly between multiple timezones, then there are huge chances for you to suffer from jet lag. With the Jet Lag app, you can easily combat the feeling of being tired and disoriented and enjoy your trip by staying rejuvenated and alert throughout the day. Equipped with a nice color scheme and minimal design, the Jet Lag app is a sure-shot technique of ensuring that your sleeping pattern remains in sync. By following the Jet Lag App’s advice, it would become simpler for you to get back to your normal level of energy. All you need to do is simply fill in some details about your trip like the arrival and departure times and the app would calculate the best possible recommendation for you.

  1. Mountain High

    Mountain High

Enriches with a great interface comprising of bold accents, Mountain High is an app that adds excellence to your ski and snowboard experience. The built-in GPS enables you to find your current location in addition to areas where your friends are. You can use this mobile app for checking live weather conditions, live webcams, daily resort video reports and lift reports. Two other brilliant features viz: Check in’s live social interaction and friend finder add fun and excitement to your entire snow experience.

  1. Snapguide


If you’re a keen follower of how to guides, then Snapguide is an app just for you. This mobile apps offers you a simple way of viewing and sharing how to guides. You can use the app for discovering new recipes, fashion ideas, tech tips, lifehacks, DIY projects, make-up tips and a lot more. Plus, you can even avail the option of creating your own how to guides, followed by sharing them with the general public.

  1. Robick


Robick is an app that allows you to listen to music passionately. You can opt for repeating a playback and changing the tempo using a wheel interface. This app also helps you with music arrangement and dictation. One of the greatest features associated with this app is that it imports all your favorite music tracks from the iPod library.

10. Sktch


As a generative drawing application for iPhones and iPod Touch, Sktch is a must-have app for digital artists residing in different corners of the world. Whether you’re interested in sketching circles, networks or meshes, Sktch app offers you unlimited possibilities for the same. You can combine the created sketches with images fetched from the photo library in order to come up with complex compositions.

Wrapping Up

This was a hand-picked collection of some finest mobile apps which have been designed for rendering optimum user experience. Which are your favorite apps? Do let us know in the comments below. Any feedback/suggestions are also invited.

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